Theresa Amoon, Storyteller
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Le Monde (
September 16, 2016

Them, Us, Our Group...and Me

« On its own the title 'Them, Us, Our Group...and me' gives the tone and spirit of the entire piece. In an short hour, Theresa Amoon pulls the audience into a twisting progression of stories and a whirlwind of words to paint a lively picture of our relationship to others which ranges from fear to seduction, as well as from rejection to solidarity.

What convinced me from the outset in this new show is the ease with which the storyteller skilfully mixes different kinds of words, simultaneously using stories and legends from the past, but also personal memoirs, excerpts from philosophical works, fragments of an imaginary interview with herself and references to current events. As a main thread through it all, there is the eternal question of how to live with others and how to handle our relationships with them, even if they are not similar to us. [...]

Perfectly accompanied musically by her long-standing accomplice Mohamed Beldjoudi […], Theresa Amoon seamlessly alternates spoken storytelling with sung almost chanted tales, even some dance, but also read texts. [...]

This new show leaves its audience members far from indifferent. On the contrary, it encourages them to reflect further as they leave the theater... »

The Parisian
June 25, 2009

There are those people who’ve seen so much, experienced so much and heard so much that they will take you far by using only words, a voice and a glance, just like Theresa Amoon.

Le Télégramme Daily
November 19, 2011

Theresa Amoon, a multilingual artist who will send the audience to the world’s far corners.



Le Soleil,
Dakar, Senegal

April 18, 2012


Everything starts at Ellis Island and comes back to Ellis Island. This ex-immigration center in New York Harbor is the place from which the storyteller Theresa Amoon wove the thread of her show entitled « The Golden Door »... Yesterday morning, the audience had the chance to hear some terrific stories set against a US immigration background...Persecution, poverty, famine-- the quest for a better life motivated waves of settlement. « Before entering the U.S., people were inspected and questioned. Either they were rejected or welcomed », says the storyteller. With rare subtlety, she linked stories of dreams and touching personal narratives...Theresa has talent galore. The audience appreciated her fully and it was under much applause that the « Golden Door » came to a close.

All Africa Press Agency
Dakar, Senegal

April 17, 2012


The stories told by Theresa Amoon clearly enchanted the children who were present at the show. «Fantastic, enjoyable, great, magnificent » – the children didn't have enough words to describe the storyteller's presentation...She even delighted in telling her grandparent's story, from leaving Lebanon to her father's birth in the U.S. Theresa Amoon also told other people's immigration stories, as well as the origin of the world as seen by the American Indians. Adding to her show poetry and song, the storyteller transported her listeners to Ellis Island near New York. An island which, during the first half of the 20th century, was the principal entry for immigrants settling in the U.S... « Storytelling links me to my roots and my past. I also try to link it to the present and future of mankind. Stories are similar, so humans must be as well », says Theresa Amoon.



Le Monde (
February 13, 2016

The show alternates between personal stories, especially witness accounts of migrants gathered by the storyteller in different places, and tales taken from the repertory of oral tradition... All of it narrated with much talent and emotion by Theresa Amoon with her deep, velvety voice and melodious accent. […] She encourages us to reflect not only on the way we treat all those migrants who are knocking on Europe's doors, but also our own identity, on what makes up our attachment to our roots, our family and our country. If only for that, her show largely deserves to be seen.

L’Est Eclair
December 8, 2008

Travel is her life, from East to West, and thus her life is a long story. Accentuated with a musical touch [...] Theresa Amoon dexterously told two personal stories and another more traditional one. In this show Theresa Amoon spoke from the heart, giving an homage and a fine message of support to all the migrants on earth, wherever and whomever they are.

Le Journal du Haute-Marne
November 25, 2008

Theresa Amoon won over her audience. The people present were captivated by the interpretation of this teller of tales who brought her listeners with her through the steps of bureaucracy as well as into a world of magic [... ] Reality came together with fiction.

Ouest France
November 11, 2008

This artist knows what she is talking about as she entices the audience to travel far away and dream through her colorful stories and anecdotes [...] The subject matter is also a daily reality for those who decide one day to leave everything behind and go towards another horizon, all the while planting roots in their children’s hearts... An eye-witness story which enchanted the audience.

Ouest France
November 10, 2008

Friday night the theater was the point of departure for a great trip to the world of stories with Theresa Amoon as the pilot. A mixture of tradition and reality, Theresa Amoon’s stories speak about Lebanese traditional life and also the many trips made between different Europe and America... The audience enjoyed the evening and followed the traditions, travels and reality with attentive listening.

L’Alsace le Pays
November 24, 2007

A talented artist, she proposed to the thirty-some audience members in the room stories from East to West... Theresa Amoon can be summed up by a stage presence, a voice, gestures, a glance, sly humor in the way she says a sentence, a way of evoking human experience... For the audience it was a marvelous moment full of strong emotions, laughter, and the discovery of an artist at the pinnacle of her art.

Corsica Matin
April 14, 2006

She is of Lebanese background and has travelled the world. She speaks of her country and of its history and makes others want to tell their stories also.

Univerarts Mag
June 2007

A wanderer with multiple backgrounds, Theresa Amoon seems to have walked the streets of the world to gather stories. Bringing together personal stories, traditional stories, tales of adventures beginning in the Middle East or the West, this carrier of words passes her findings on to others, and adds to it a piece of her soul.


La Nouvelle République
October 22, 2014

Theresa is a talented storyteller. She tells very well. She proved it Saturday afternoon at the main library […] She knew how to maintain an atmosphere, keep people on the edge of their seats and have them spend an excellent afternoon listening to stories of people “who cope with drought daily, who live in areas where water rights are a source of tension and where each drop counts towards survival”. She successfully guided her audience between reality and imagination.

La Nouvelle République
October 24, 2014

Theresa presented a medley of stories that made each one of us dwell on water, a wealth essential to our lives. Many adults, and children too, were present, accompanying her as they followed her water reflections [...] We were steered from real stories to fictional ones and began to dream of a world where water would no longer be a problem and where Theresa's words would flow like water, elusive but indispensable.


Lille Sortir
November 20, 2008

It’s her method, her brand--the storyteller of Lebanese descent likes to listen first [... ] During her residency, Theresa Amoon went to meet the people living in the surrounding neighborhood: schoolchildren, young adults or those attached to local history. From these slices of life marked by local events (jobs or unemployment, the industrial and textile past of the Lille area, immigration), the artist has created a show, “Words which Weave, stories from the Moulins neighborhood”, a title which makes reference the ties that bind as well as the importance of textile in local history.

The storyteller does not find material for her stories in a mythological past or in written texts, losing in magic what she gains in contemporary emotions, but rather a job of investigation and reapporopriation of the inhabitants’ stories. Those who participated were made proud once again by seeing their stories brought to life by the artist. On stage, the words are put to rhythm and music and here the musician Julien Biget lends a neighbouly hand and his notes to Theresa Amoon’s voice for an artistic and human meeting much less local than it seems. From the intimacy of the collected stories comes an unsuspected universality that is touching whether or not you live in the Moulins’ neighborhood.


Journal d’Argenton-Sur-Creuse
October 17, 2000

The icing on the cake was Theresa Amoon, brilliant artist and storyteller of Lebanese descent. In a traditional costume, she told Scheherazade’s 1001 Arabian Nights, a show which gave a great deal of pleasure to the audience.

La Vaucluse le Comtadin
July 27, 2001

Headline: A meeting with Theresa Amoon/ Theresa in Third-Person Plural

Fabulous in The Night of a Thousand Feasts, Theresa Amoon tells three stories from this famous work that have food as a common theme. Through them, she transports us into a forgotten world of unknown flavors for our Western tastebuds. This show makes us hungry and Theresa wickedly enjoys getting the audience to drool…

December 10, 2001

Thanks to Theresa Amoon, the series of events about the East organized by the Médiathèque François-Mitterrand ended deliciously.

Following the tradition of 1001 Arabian Nights, Theresa Amoon imagined a main theme that links all three parts of her show " Sweet and Spicy Stories " together. The name of the show is aptly given because in it there are copious desciptions of feasts, and these meals play an essential part in the stories. There are also a few erotic innuendos (but nothing that could shock young ears) which also gives an flavor of spiciness…

Maine Libre
October 19, 2006

The municipal library who invited Theresa Amoon to tell on Tuesday evening has never seen the like… It was an evening for families that brought out more than 150 people. The audience revelled in the stories told by the artist who, in spite of the small amount of space left for her, knew how to guide and capture the attention of young and old alike for more than an hour... A successful initiative that shows that you don’t have to be comfortably seated to spend an enjoyable evening.

West France
October 20, 2006

In her show The Night of a Thousand Feasts, Sweet and Spicy Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights, Theresa Amoon speaks of food and desire… In an evening performance lasting more than an hour, 150 people travelled far by listening to her stories. ‘Having so many people is an unexpected success’, said the library director.


Regards magazine from
La Courneuve

May/June 2010
For the last performance of this season’s storytelling festival «Stories in Common», the main library invited an extraordinary teller, Theresa Amoon […] Performing in front of around sixty completely astonished children, this teller of stories knew how to capture her audience […] For an hour and in front of an audience who echoed as one in response to her, she told five traditional stories immersed in multiculturalism and springing from her own true life story.

Journal du Haute-Marne
November 26, 2009

Hundreds of children [...] enjoyed the teller’s stories and were carried away by them. Traditional multicultural stories whose scenery was planted in the far reaches of the East and the West resounded to the sounds of percussions, showing the children that a story well told can allow them to travel without ever leaving their chairs.

Les Dernieres Nouvelle de l’Alsace
November 22, 2001

Headline:Stories from the East to the West

Last Wednesday, the mediatheque invited an extraordinary storyteller, Theresa Amoon, who knew how to transmit all the magic of the Middle East to an audience of dazzled children.
This is the story of a storyteller, Theresa Amoon, from the Middle East, Lebanese in fact, but who was born in Germany, is an American citizen and who has chosen to live in France. " This is my story ", she rhythmically says to the sound of her tambourine in front of a group of children already captivated by this woman in a bright red outfit with her thick hair and a strange Franco-American-Lebanese accent. The children remain captive until the end, sometimes having a hard time holding back their desire to actively participate in the story. For Theresa Amoon is not only a one-of-a-kind storyteller, she also is a great actress who knows how to entice children to travel to her stories’ far-away places, from Bagdad to Cordoba to deep in the heart of the desert.

Corsica Matin
November 22, 2006

The young audience was hooked. [Theresa’s] magical frame drum added musical punctuation to the story. When her iron pot rolled, the applause in the house answered in echo. Words and gestures crossed and crisscrossed in unison.

About the event BUBBLES IN THE CITY

Acta Diurna
May 2007

Antony, May 2007

Theresa Amoon and Roggo Koffi Fiangor told stories outdoors […] They had interviewed the people of Antony and had listened to their captivating tales. Many aspects of life in the city of Antony were spoken about: keeping the streets clean, getting through marriage, living in the streets, even volunteering as a paramedic. Children and parents alike were hypnotized by the two tellers. They discovered parts of their city that they never even knew existed.


October 15-
November 15, 1998

Telling this type of epic story is not an easy task. But here the challenge is successful for two reasons: first, the text, with its austere and strong lyricism, is perfectly adapted to theatrical interpretation. It is a coherent, adventurous and emotion-filled drama. And Theresa Amoon, with only a musician by her side, marvelously succeeds in keeping the audience spell-bound as she gives life to this colorful epic story.

October 15-21, 1998

Theresa Amoon presents a fabulous pared-down adaptation of the world’s first myth…. The actress knows how to vary the different tones and episodes of the story and is perfectly in snyc with the musician Dominique Bertrand who plays traditional Middle Eastern instruments.

Paris Boum-Boum
October 1998

Theresa Amoon, with an extra dose of heart and soul that makes her stand out from other actors, warms our heart and soul with a superbly crafted show that is as pleasing to our palates as a piece of chocolate… except that we are the ones that melt!

L’ame et le Cœur
October 1998

This novel show is interpreted magnificently by Theresa Amoon and the musician Dominique Bertrand who hit right on the mark as they bring us one of humanity’s oldest texts with simplicity and depth. Don’t miss it!

Le Journal Du Theatre
November 9, 1998

A convincing piece of work…

Radio France International
November 1998

A vast evocation of the story of humanity… Theresa Amoon and Dominique Bertrand bring depth and interiority to this epic tale in which the beauty of the text intermingles with profound meaning…


October 24, 2001

Theresa finds her repertory in the imagination of the Middle East, an imagination that she passes on as much through words as through dance and music.

Femmes Artistes International
October - December 1999

Headline: Fired with a passion for theatre, Theresa Amoon has a remarkable talent for theatricalizing tales and legends.

Theresa Amoon has an incredible talent for theatricalizing tales and legends and knows how to give life to heros and heroines in the shows she performs with a vibrant style all her own. Here is the story of a woman fired with passion as she mixes together theater, myths and music—a permanant risk-taker in today’s artistic context.

Paris Normandie
November 6, 2000

Headline: Once Upon a Time There Was Theresa Amoon

With her long brown curly hair, her tanned skin, her eyes full of sparkles, Theresa Amoon owes to the country of her forefathers, Lebanon, an incredible energy and an acute sense of human contact.


The East Republican
November 2, 2005

Many storytellers of all types have told in the castle, but for the beginning of the 2005-2006 season, the library and town hall have aimed particularly high by inviting Theresa Amoon… And the audience, who had in its midst several aficiendos, made the right decision by filling the library to capacity… Theresa Amoon told her stories tinged with logic and common sense to a capitive audience who afterwards did not hold back on its applause.

December 12, 2003

(View article in Chinese)

Bloc-Notes d’Obernai
Novermber 2001

Come lend an ear to Theresa Amoon’s stories… The Four Rubies, four East Indian stories which slide one into another, tell about a brahman’s difficulty of choosing between four rubies sent by the gods… Theresa Amoon comes to Obernai as part of the partnership of Colmar’s Book Fair.


Les Dernieres Nouvelle de l’Alsace
November 30, 2001

Headline: Under the spell of Middle Eastern stories

Theresa Amoon, storyteller and actress of Lebanese descent, enchanted the audience in the new library in Soultz.
The tone is set when Theresa Amoon comes on stage with her cascading dark hair, her red and gold outfit, and a tambourine in hand to give rhythm to her stories.


Terre du Ciel

Theresa Amoon tells us the story of the Ramayana with a performance of great strength, accompanied musically by Dominique Bertrand. These two perfectly harmonized dimensions capture us and make the story very alive.

Diario de Xalapa, Mexique
December 9, 1994

Theresa Amoon’s work on stage is very strong, magnetic and of great esthetic value…

Grafico de Xalapa, Mexique
December 11, 1994

Don’t miss it…