Theresa Amoon, Storyteller
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Since 1992, Theresa Amoon has told stories in French, English and Spanish. Some highlights of her storytelling career have been (unless otherwise noted the event takes place in France):

Paris-NY Tandem, Paris
Artist-in-residence, Centre Mandapa, Paris
A door must be..., Sorbonne University, Saint-Denis
A World without Wonder is a World without Life, Paris
Exchange for change, Stains
Bilingual stories, Goussainville

Telling for Peace, the Manifest, Dunkerque, Nord
Artist-in-residence in the Val-de-Sambre, Nord Pas-de-Calais
Travelling Stories Festival, Gard
Storytellers in Touraine Festival, Touraine
Friends' Voices Festival, Loir-et-Cher
FEST, Federation for European Storytelling in Italy, Belgium and Spain (co-organizer)
Cultural Ambassador, Dakar and Word Festival, Tivaouane & Gorée Island, Senegal
Environmental Film Festival, Filmmakers' Cinema, Paris
Tour in Kobe and Kyoto, Japan

The Big Tide Festival, Brest and surrounding areas, Brittany
International Storytelling Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stories in Common Festival, Seine-St-Denis
The Territory Tells All Festival, Trélon, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
France’s Heritage Days, Noisy-le-Sec, Seine-St-Denis
Storytelling Marathon, Guadalajara, Spain
Alden-Biesen International Storytelling Festival, Bilzen, Belgium
The Night of Nights, Jerusalem
Storythread Festival, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime
Belfort-New York Festival, Belfort Territory
Detours and Shortcuts Festival, Nord Pas-de-Calais

Beautiful Foreign Works Festival (organized by the National Book Center), tour in Alsace (invited 2 years)
Vassivière Storytelling Festival, Creuse-Limousin
The Little Ney Cafe-Theater, Paris
Culture Festival, Arras, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
France Inter National Radio program
Liars and Tellers of Truth Festival, Fontenay-sous-bois, Val-de-Marne
Storytelling Night, Verrières-le-Buisson, Essonne

Telling Words Festival, Haute-Marne
Winter Words Festival in the Sarthe region
All of Mulhouse Reads, Haut-Rhin
Earth in Mind Environmental Event, Bobigny, Seine-St-Denis
Munduko Kontu Kontalariak Storytelling Festival, Basque provinces, Spain
Ljüngby International Storytelling Festival, Sweden
Tour in Peru
Collection of tales for the European Union Vancouver Storytelling Festival, Canada

Winter and Spring Tales festivals, Mandapa Center, Paris (invited 14 consecutive years)
La Folie Moulins Theater, Lille (including a several month Artist Residency)
Storytelling News Festival, Bourdeaux, Drôme
Magic Square Theater, Lannion, Brittany
Storytelling House, Chevilly-Larue, Val-de-Marne
Flowing Words Festival, Paris
Art of Storytelling Festival, Miami, Florida, USA
Bubbles in the City, Antony, Hauts-de-Seine
CAP (Modern Music Center), Aulnay-sous-Bois, Seine-St-Denis

Migrant Festival, LMP Theater, Paris
Storytellers in the City Festival, Ajaccio, Corsica
Morsang-sur-Orge Storytelling Festival, Essonne
Epos Storytelling Festival, CLIO (Center for Oral Literature), Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher
Loyola College, Los Angeles, California, USA
International Storytelling Festival, Monnot Theater, Beirut, Lebanon
An Evening of Words, Kernault Manor, Mellac, Brittany
Storytelling Festival, Queyras, Hautes-Alpes
Direct 8 TV station, Paris
Inside/Outside Festival, Chamarande Park, Essonne
Babel 18 Festival, Grand Parquet Theater, Paris
Worldwide Storytelling Day

Springtime at the Parfumerie, Geneva, Switzerland
ESREA Conference: Life Stories and Biography, Anghiari, Italy
Storytelling Festival in the Côte d’Or region
Bellybutton Festival, Pougne-Hérisson, Deux-Sèvres
Storytelling festivals, Cali and Bogota, Colombia
Solstice Festival, Antony, Hauts-de-Seine
Water Festival, Bonneuil Port, Val-de-Marne
Book Festival, Kuala Lumpur & tour in Malaysia
Worldwide Art Collective Festival & Springwind Theater, Taiwan
Yeleen Festival, Ouagadougou et Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Louvre Auditorium - Khorsabad Hall, Paris
Summer Storytelling Gathering, CLIO, Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher
Winter Word Festival in Alsace
The Music City, Paris (as an in-house teller for five years)
Institute of the Arab World, Paris
Paris' Summer in the Neighborhood festival
Avignon Festival, Vaucluse
UNESCO, ParisArtist-in-residence at Coquelle Castle, Dunkerque, Hauts de France
Storytelling at the Alliance Française in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates
The Night of Mythology and Great Tales, Centre Mandapa/CLIO, Paris

Theresa Amoon has also directed workshops including:

Opening a door..., Sorbonne University Paris 8, Saint-Denis
Storytelling for Peace, the Manifesto, Dunkerque
Prisoners' tales, co-run with the storyteller Pepito Matéo, Fresnes Prison
Storyteller in the classroom, the Storytelling House, Chevilly-Larue
Storytelling and Health, CRES, Rouen
Meetings with storyteller enthusiasts, Théâtre Firmin Gémier, Antony
The Hero's Quest, Centre Source, Paris
Storytelling, Gesture and Music, AFDAS/ DDTE workshop for Canal Danse, Paris